Research Suggests CBD is More Than a Fad

new analysis from Babylon Health shows cannabidiol (CBD) has a high ratio of Instagram posts to academic research articles, suggesting the compound may be more than just a fad.

The London-based remote healthcare provider analyzed the disparity between the number of Instagram posts tagged with its hashtag—for example, #CleanBeauty—to the number of Google Scholar articles about the subject.

Out of ten hashtags analyzed under the “Wellness” category, #CBD was the third-most tagged on Instagram with more than 8 million posts, following behind #Mindfulness with 15.7 million posts and #Meditation with 27.6 million posts.

CBD was also the third-most researched topic on Google Scholar with 501,000 articles, compared with 524,000 for mindfulness and more than 1 million for meditation.

However, out of the 30 subjects analyzed across three categories, CBD had the highest post-to-article ratio of 16:1. 

“[Instagram] posts tagged with #CleanBeauty greatly outnumber research articles about the topic, suggesting the fad doesn’t carry much weight in academia,” the website says. “In contrast, CBD’s grounding as a well-researched topic is highlighted in the much more proportionate posts-to-article figure.”

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