Cannabis Pizza and Popcorn? What’s The Deal With Cannabis Snacks

While you’re stuck in the house on either a voluntary or mandatory isolation, there will probably be a lot of snacking and Netflix binging going on. These days you can find cannabis and CBD in different foods and drinks in states where it’s been legalized.

There’s cannabis coffee, CBD gummy bears, and even plain old water infused with cannabis compounds. The latest innovation, by an Israeli company called Cannibble is really out there, and one wonders if it will take off. As Ziv Turner, co-founder of Cannibble said, according to a From the Grapevine report, “We want to make it accessible.”

He spoke about how Cannibble sees food as a perfect delivery system for cannabis. “We look at the food products only as the delivery system,” he said. And not only is the company working as we speak on some delectable delicacies like THH and CBD-infused pizzas, but they also have plans for donuts and spices. They also intend to launch a range of special cannabis-infused foods for athletes in the near future.

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