CBD and Drug Tests: What NFL Draft Prospects Should Know

UPDATE: With the new CBA, penalties for testing positive for THC has been seriously decreased.

The 2020 NFL Draft is quickly approaching and the league is getting ready to welcome a whole crop of new players to their ranks. In April, over 300 college players will be drafted or sign as free agents with NFL teams. These rookies will have a lot to deal with a lot, from just trying to make the team to learning their playbook to adapting to life as a professional athlete.

Leaving the life of a student-athlete behind and becoming a professional can be very difficult for many young players. The money, freedom, and the responsibility that comes with being a professional football player can be tough to navigate for some. There have been many young players over the years who have not dealt with this transition well and have been cut from the team, arrested, or failed drug tests.

This is why NFL rookies have to be extra diligent about who they hang around with, how they spend their time and what they put in their bodies. This last part is incredibly important because the NFL has a long list of banned performance-enhancing and recreational substances. If players test positive for any substance that runs afoul of the program, even if it is not illegal, they can be in for serious consequences. That is why there are a few things NFL Draft prospects need to know about CBD and drug tests.

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