Why Pure Midwest – Boutique vs Mass Manufacturers

Pure Midwest is a boutique full spectrum hemp oil product company. There is a big difference between that and the mass manufacturers that white label their products for other company’s to go to market with. Here are some of them.

Try finding another CBD company that does CO2 Extraction instead of Ethanol (more expensive, but highest consistent quality), owns their entire supply chain (Meet our Head of Product), quality tests the product over 10x before it’s bottled, provides complete transparency with a QR code and website on every product to the Certificate of Analysis (know what you are using) and uses only the Flower of Certified Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp, not the seed, stalk or stem. (better purity)…and does so at the affordable prices we do.

Pure Midwest is a boutique full spectrum hemp oil product company… we do offer some Isolate Gummies as well.  There is a big difference between Pure Midwest and the mass manufacturers that white label their products for other company’s to go to market with. Here are some of them…


Every processing run we change our parameters to specifically match the molecular weight in those hemp plants to the highest effectiveness. Mass Manufacturers often run 1 set of parameters for all processing runs which results in sub-optimal product vs Pure Midwest. Their result could be anywhere from 5-20% different per processing run. This means that the product you enjoy one month.. could be 20% different the next month and you don’t see the same benefit you once did.

We only use the hemp flower; not the stalks, seeds and stems. Mass Manufacturers will use variations of stalk, seed, stem and flower which reduces the effectiveness. To get higher percentages some will manually add Isolate to their product. This means that you are no longer getting a pure, genetic replication of the plant.. but a modified version.

All of the non-GMO hemp plants used in creating our full spectrum hemp oil products are grown free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. After they are extracted using safe supercritical CO2, we examine our hemp oil to ensure both its safety and consistency using the industry’s strictest testing process, our Triple Lab Tested™ standard, in ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited testing labs. Our products are put thru a nano homegenizer to increase the bio availability of the hemp. Lots of products are hitting the market that are water soluble to increase the bio availability… when you just orally take hemp oil you lose about 20% of the effectiveness because of digestion. So sublingual ingestion with the increased bio availability in our products will have better effect.


Don’t just take our word for it, check out what other companies commonly put in their products and advertise to you. Pure Midwest goes through great effort to produce a premium oil, and uses custom procedures and stringent testing to ensure our small batch hemp oil is exceptionally pure and maximizes the genetic makeup of the vibrant hemp plant.

Other Companies – (Typically Sourced Crude Hemp Oil)

Google “CBD crude oil” to see commonly used sourced oil. Other companies “are proud” to be putting this cheap, outsourced oil in their products

Click this link so you can go to Google Images and see for yourself.

Pure Midwest Craft Extracted Crude Hemp Oil

Pure Midwest Crude Hemp Oil
  • We create a robust and pure Red Oil” from high quality Hemp strains…you can SEE the difference
  • We extract Hemp Flower, minimizing non-nutritive seed, stalk and stem
  • We custom tune our extraction parameters to capture the unique hemp flower genetics on each run, a true small batch process
  • We only extract with high purity Co2, not aggressive solvents such as Ethanol or other industrial chemicals
  • We leverage over 20 years of experience in botanical extraction to deliver a superior, robust product


Pure Midwest small batch processing and regular testing throughout our process equates to better consistency and higher quality in every batch. Our products are tested at least 10x before they are bottled. With mass processing… it’s a generic recipe where you get what you get.


Pure Midwest let’s you read up on our Head of Product and his family online. Our Head of Product has been in the cannabis and hemp space for over 28 years. He’s been an advisor for Purdue University Agriculture, Board Member of the Midwest Hemp Council, Active with the National Hemp Association, former VP of the Indiana Farmers Union- Hemp Chapter, and speaks to senators and government officials about CBD & Hemp so they have a fuller understanding.

Mass manufacturer’s white label their product and don’t reveal where they are getting it from. They also rarely show who is their Head of Product. We urge you to google for where the product actually comes from and read their customer reviews. Some are good.. some maybe not so much.


If you can’t easily find the COA (“Certificate of Analysis” from 3rd party testers) to know exactly what is in the product you are considering… please for your own sake… stay away from that product. We have a QR code and website link on every product that takes you straight to these reports.

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