MLM’s in CBD

I completely understand why a company would setup an MLM. However, I don’t understand why people keep on joining them. From minimum purchase volumes to sign up fees to inventory to tier systems to 18 page commission manuals. It seems that most of the time with an MLM, they are structured so it’s incredibly difficult for the average person to make money… but they do enough that it makes the overall business money.

Pure Midwest is DIFFERENT. We want to be a customer focused and customer friendly company. We want to help people. So we’ve intentionally made one of if not the easiest commission program. If you assist in a sale, you get paid commission. And because we realize that helping in a sale means you could have told someone who told someone else… we pay up to 4 network tiers of commission. Check out the full program here.

Here is an article discussing the top 20 MLM CBD companies of 2019. We value transparency so we urge you to read it… compare our program to any of theirs and make a wise choice.

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