We Tried It: A CBD Massage

When I opted to experience the Naturopathica Chill CBD massage ($100 for an hour) with Ileana Mann at The Skin & Body Bar, I walked in without expectation, just ready to disconnect. What I was not prepared for was the all-over calm that I would feel hours and hours (and hours) afterward. I even had an incredibly restful night’s sleep.

Better CBD Stock: Charlotte's Web Holdings vs. Green Thumb Industries

Forget Canada, the U.S. is where the big story is when it comes to cannabis. For one thing, the U.S. cannabis market is much bigger than Canada's. There are also more opportunities for growth, with additional states legalizing cannabis and the prospects for federal regulatory changes that would benefit the cannabis industry.

Demystifying Marijuana, CBD And Heart Health

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) believes that cardiovascular ailments such as stroke and heart attack are now the leading cause of death in America. With almost 50% of the population affected by CVDs, it’s on the forefront of many researchers’ minds to try and understand the complex issue and what other ailments, medicines and activities may help or hurt the heart.